Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So hubby and I figured we would get the girls guinea pigs for Easter. Sounds cute right? I have never had one, although I did have hamsters. Surely guinea pigs are better than hamsters right?

I picked out my hamster because she bit me. I was young and stupid and thought that I wanted a feisty one. Yea..
So after a week or so I feel things in her belly. I tell my parents that my hamster is preggo. No, couldn't be, crazy 13 year old is imagining things. The lumps inside her belly? Tumors. Have to be tumors.
I think they were in denial.
Anywho, a couple weeks later I wake up and lo and behold.. babies. 9 of them. Cuter than cute on cute I tell you, I don't care if they were bald and looked like little maggots with legs they were BABY HAMSTERS! I loved them.
She however... I donno.
I tell myself that they died. Her babies were dying off one a day of natural causes (maybe I wanted to be a crazy 13 year old ok). I want to believe she wasn't eating them alive. I know! ick!! I was tramatized!! Except MY hampster was a little evil I think because she would always leave a leg. One uneaten egg in her nest with the others. Maybe she was taunting them, all "you better be good or I will eat you, and I am NOT bluffing!"
I saved the last two, loved them until they died of NATURAL causes. Sick hamster.

So of course, guinea pigs have to be better than THAT right?

Well, I wouldn't know.

I tried to find a guinea pig, 2 in time for Easter. Apparently these rodents are a rarity. We have a Guinea pig rescue in town. I have called, emailed.. no response. I was WILLING to sign application forms and do their house check/meeting to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. I say Willing because they have them in a petstore, but I was thinking hey, lets get them from somewhere OTHER then the guinea pig mill... right? Right.
And I figure these have been in someone elses care for a while, I can trust they wouldn't be knocked up when I brought it home.

They said they have TONS of these things running around needing homes. I have a home in need of little rodents running around.


I tried to talk my husband into getting a cat instead. I say, with a cat we don't need to buy a cage, and bedding and water spicket, and toys and 4 types of food or anything to gnaw on. We need a food bowl and a litter box. It is SOOO much easier to change a litter box instead of a guinea pig cage.
I think he is still tramatized by Baxter...

So here I sit. No kitty. No rodents. blah.

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Amo said...

Tell him it's either a kitten or a baby. His choice...