Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lights Out

For some reason that the power company refuses to release my power was jacked up yesterday. But see, it wasn't just my power. It started with my Cable going out, which because of that lovely bundle meant my phone and internet was gone too. I won't get into my need for my laptop and how it is my lifeline to sanity.
I digress.
So Cable goes out, right in the middle of Charwee and WoWah. Screaming ensues. Mommy! Why did Charwee and WoWah go away?? I don't know, how about a movie?
I can't get the player in the parlor to work so I herd them into my bedroom to watch it on my TV. All is well, Mickey's Christmas is always a crowd pleaser.
Then the power goes out. What the Crap!?!
Screaming continues. MOMMY!! Why did the movie go off!?! Because that Karma crap has come back to love on mommy honey.
Now it doesn't really matter that it was daytime and it was light outside. They seem to forget that we don't turn the lights on in the day, but they choose this moment to have a nervous breakdown that the lights won't come on.
Sarah-Mommy! It is dark! We can't see!!!
Me-What? I am right here.
Sarah-Where? I can't see you!!!
Seriously?? uh.
Then they realize, without the aid of a digital clock that it is lunch time. Past lunch time. They are hungry.
I go to the kitchen and look around. Yep. I resolve that the only thing I have to give them for lunch is Bread and Water. That is not going to go over well.
The power comes back on! Woo Hoo!!
They run around turning all the lights on. dorks.
I turn the TV back on and there is CABLE! YES!!!
I turn it on playhouse Disney and before I can turn off Drake and Josh the power goes out again!

MOMMY!!! Where are you!?
I give up.
I sit down and suggest we play a game.
But We are HUNGRY!
So I ponder, do I order in, or take them out? It is raining and ugly and I have girls who will stand in the yard and scream and not move because their shoes are wet. Not an option today. I have already been tried and tested and am on the brink of insanity.
I try to order in. The phone is dead. I find my cell phone and wouldn't you know I didn't plug it up last night so it won't come on!

Yeah, I so quit. NAP TIME!
Sarah- But we are HUNGRY!
Fine, I walk into the kitchen and hand them a bagel.

Then the power comes back on!
I grab the bowl of pasta ala carbinara and throw it in the microwave. PLEASE GIVE ME 4 MINUTES OF POWER! PLEASE!?!
I get lunch done and we are eating, in the light. All is quiet on the homefront. Content.
Then the power went out again.
People wonder why I drink.

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Jennifer said...

OMG, I love Charwee and WoWah!!
I would be sad too!!