Friday, December 12, 2008

My Broken Baby

I should have posted this last week, but I have been distracted.
Last Monday we were busy at work and I didnt' get a chance to call hubby until almost 10pm. I ask how the girls are and he tells me all calm like that Sarah (the big one) fell down the stairs off the back porch.
WHAT?! Is she okay?
Hubby- yeah, she is fine. I checked her and and nothing is broken.
Me (breathe Carrie, breathe)- You checked her?
Hubby - Yeah. She could bend her fingers she just didn't use it. She just held it in her other hand all night.
Me, with fumes swelling in head - What?!?
Hubby- she is fine.
Me- Fine.

I get home and go to check on my baby. Her hand is swollen. Her fingers are swelling and there is a hint of blue to her whole hand. I touch it and in her sleep my angel tell me "mommy, don't touch my hand, it hurts bad."
(heart breaks here.)
The next morning she is not using it at all. I ask her if it hurts and she says "more than anything in the whole world."
Thats it! I take her to her Doctor.
Now the big one is shy. However my little one is a never ending chatter box. She will talk to you all day about everything weither you let her or not. So the Dr asks Sarah what happened and she just stared at him. I of course didn't know, I was at work (another check in the pro quitting my job column).
So Miss Maddie speaks up. She said "We were on the back porch, trying to be carefull because the leaves were wet and it was swippery. But we were tip toeing and Sawah swipped and fell." Using her Italian hand motions the whole time.
Oh. well. Okay. Thanks kid.
He checks her elbow and her wrist, feels her hand and says we need an X-Ray, but he wouldn't be surprised to find that she broke her hand.
So they take my baby off to take a picture of her bones. He comes back a while later with the X-Ray and exclaims (very surprised I might add) "She broke her hand!"
I say, you said you wouldn't be surprised if she broke her hand!
He then explains that she broke her middle finger in her palm. The most insulated bone in her hand!
She does get her grace from me...
We schedule an appt to get her casted the next day.
I call hubby and tell him that dispite him becoming an orthopedic doctor last week, she did in fact BREAK her hand.
Felt bad, because he felt awful. Sending her to bed with a broken hand, and knowing she was in a crazy amount of pain.

He gets home from work and I tell him how the appt went, how Sarah didn't tell him what happened, but Maddie stepped up and told the whole story.
He just looks at me and tells me Maddie wasn't there, she was next door on Andrews porch!

At 2, the kid is such a good liar that everyone bought it! She made up a story and we just ate it up!

I am in SOOO Much trouble!

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