Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Super Sarah!

My daughter is a Super Hero. You might have figured this out if you have been on play dates where she introduces herself as Super Sarah, or if you happened to attend VBS with us this year. I didn't get to go since I work evenings, but I had managed to get Friday off and learned that she was only answering to Super Sarah. I was floored at the number of kids that honestly thought that was her name.
She has a song. Her Super Hero Song. She sings it daily.
"I'm a Superhero, I save the world with the things I do!
I'm a Superhero I'm a good girl. Your not a superhero, because you can't do Karate! (kick here)
If you want to be a super hero you have to be my friend because I am the best super hero in the world"
It is funny. She makes me giggle.
So Thursday my family was at my house and the girls were showing off their new "moves" and Maddie quickly turned the conversation to cake, of course. She says she wants a Diego cake for her birthday (not allowed, hubby hates Diego, but we watch anyway because he is so cool!) and Sarah says she needs a Superhero cake, because she is a Super Hero!!
My mom says that we will take a picture of her in a cape and get it put on a cake. Sarah loves it!
Hubby tells her, Yeah, then I will eat your face!
Maddie stops her dancing. She stomped over to where hubby was sitting hand on hip, finger pointing at him and yells "NO DADDY! You will NOT eat my sister Sarah's Face!!!"
She is so cute when she is mad.
So we explain to her that it will just LOOK like Sarah in the frosting.
She thinks. Ponders. Reflects.
She turns to Sarah and with hands on her hips, finger pointing, head cocked and smiling she says "I'm gonna eat your butt!!"

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