Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It was spring today. Yeah full out spring on Feb. 9th. I will have to check to see if we hit the record of 71, the thought it was going to hit 70. Anyway, it was nice out. I decided to take the girls to the park and let them run around.
Sarah started off climbing up this pole with discs on them. She had done it 3 or 4 times when she declares to me that she does not need help (I had not been helping her at all mind you) and she can do it all by herself! She gets 3 discs up and falls off. It was so funny. She had her hand up on a disc and dangled for a split second before falling on her face.
I shouldn't laugh, I know I shouldn't but there is few things funnier than your kid being all "I don't need you" and then falling on their face. Karma kid. Karma. You need momma FOREVER.
We went for a walk and some lady is walking a rat on a string. Sarah of course falls in love at first site. I tell her it is a Chiwawa.
"Chiwawa?? Oh, mommy can we get one."
"why? It is so cute!"
"Because it would be breakfast for nubby (cat)" The cat has eaten rats twice that dogs size. I have seen her down in the field... I know.
The girls start to race around the walking trail. I am going to have to take video of Maddie running. I can't describe it. She moves her butt while she runs and it looks like she is always a step away from taking a nosedive into the concrete. They run pretty far, Sarah gets a pain in her side and we tell her it is from running, to slow down. Which worked for 20 seconds until the little one got ahead of her. We can walk about as fast as Maddie can run but she gets so excited when she is in front. She was yelling for us to "hurry up and run like me!!" funny kid.
We go play on the playground some more and I notice 3 geese. Which normally would not be that big of a deal, but these geese were HUGE. Ginormous geese. Their flippers were about the size of my husbands hand spread wide open. Their necks are what stood out the most I think. They were not so much necks as fire hoses. Nuts how thick their necks were. I could not help but wonder how much wringing it would take... nevermind.
Maddie freaks out. She starts hiding behind me and getting all timid which is completely out of character.
So we walk away and Sarah notices a couple ducks on the lake and asks if we can sit down and watch them on the bench. Sure.
These are obviously ducks that have been here a while. We sit, they come. Sarah asks why they care coming towards us and my mom tells her they think we have food. Sarah yells "We don't have food ducks!"
They still come. Maddie is getting nervous again because the geese are on their way over. Those big Honkin geese are closing in fast too.
Me, not being one to forgo an opportunity to scar my children for life tell her, Maddie, relax they just want to check your pockets to see if you have food."
She covers one pocket with both hands and stares at them. "I don't have food! Gooses!"
They get closer and she gets more desperate. "I don't have food gooses!!!!!!"
he he he he
I say, come on honey, lets go to the truck.
She won't move. The geese have stopped and are now staring at her. She has her gaze fixed to theirs. A tumble weed blows by... (whatever, shut up).
I try to prod her to move. Nothing.

So I do what any normal, caring mother would do.

I scream that there are more behind her and she better RUN!!

I get a call later from my hubby asking why Maddie is afraid of birds wanting to eat her pockets. I have no idea....

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