Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am going to rip my hair OUT!

Either rip my hair out or put my head through a wall. Maybe kick my butt. Yeah. THAT will teach me. I GIVE UP!
Not really. I can' t give up. You know why? Because I am a frickin mommy that is why. All I want to do is chuck it up into the oh well bin but I have a 4 year old that doesn't forget anything. You think I am kidding? We were walking down an aisle at Target and she says, Mommy, do you remember when we were here with Beaux and we went to starbucks and you got me and Maddie that coffee drink to share?
Yeah. That was a year ago last OCTOBER. The kid doesn't forget. She was barely 3 then. Does not forget.
So of course she is not going to forget that Santa forgot to bring her the illusive white kitty. I didn't know the fricking thing was illusive when I saw it everywhere I went. When it was on Amazon for 25 bucks. Nope. It was everywhere. Everywhere I looked the ugly thing was sitting right there blinking at me. I hate you kitty. I hate you with passions. I hope that Biscut the fur real friends puppy is chewing on your head.
I need that kitty...

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Amo said...


Bet Beaux could find her a fur real kitty and she'd love him forever!

In our house we call that 'rocking horse sh*t'. It's something that you KNOW exists, but can't find anywhere and no one else knows what you are talking about.

Good luck in your kitty quest, brave mom.

Oh, and you so failed that whole "find the gift they want the most and make sure Santa knows".