Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Boy, not again.

Sarah has been quite um... active the past few days. Not listening, not stopping. Just I guess being a 4 year old. Last night, right about at the end of the rope I tell them to go in my bedroom and take their clothes off and we would be right in to help them get jammies on and get ready for bed.
They are in there about 40 seconds when I hear them jumping on the bed. So don't have the energy to care. Then I heard a pretty loud thud, sounding very much like 38 lbs of Maddie bug hitting the floor. Then she cries. ugh.
Now Maddie is my whiner. She cries over everything and anything. Didn't run in there because I really thought she was fine. I pick her up and she tells me she has a boo boo. Uh huh. Kiss it. Cradle and rock her. She doesn't stop.
I look at her hand and she won't let me touch it. uh oh.
I feel her arm, it feels ok (I went and became an ortho dr over the weekend ya know!) I feel her hand and she screams. I ask her where it hurts and she points to smack dab the center of her hand.

Seriously, what are the odds? What are the odds that both my kids would break the same bone within 3 months?
But more than that, what are the odds that the doctors are going to NOT turn me in for breaking my kids hands? There is a great amount of talent involved in breaking the bone Sarah broke back in the first of December. If they both have a hand (opposite hand on this one btw) that happens to have the same broken bone they are surely going to think I am breaking their hands.
I tell myself that we would be fine. They have their own rooms and beds and clothes. We have food and a semi clean house. I ponder staying up late and cleaning their rooms which currently look like... well, like kids live in them (sigh).
I give her some midol and figure we would wait and see if it swelled overnight.
Not being neglectful, but I know at this point a trip to the ER would do nothing but get me a bill and a number to an Orthopedic doctor for a cast on Monday.

I woke up this morning praying her hand was okay. They look so pitiful with those little casts on. Please be okay bug. I look at it while she is sleeping and it looks okay. Whew.
She wakes up and I ask her how she feels. She says her hand "still huwrts". awe. My broken Maddie Bug. But she can bend it and use it and hasn't mentioned it in a few hours.
We are lucky on this one.

Isn't it funny tho that the one thing you fear most when your a good parent is someone thinking your not?

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