Friday, February 20, 2009

It was an Accident.

Several things can be accidents. There are car accidents. There are spilling accidents. No one means to spill 5 dollar cups of delicious Mexican cheese goodness. If your like me you spend the majority of the day being sorry for stepping on people, bumping into people, hitting people. Yes you can accidentally hit people, stretching, reacting to loudness... many ways.
Accidents happen.

Madison started crying.

Me- what are you crying about Maddie?
Me- Madison, I don't understand crying. What happened?
Me- Sarah, why is Maddie crying?
Sarah- I donno.
Maddie - Sarah (mumbling sob) me!!!!!
Me - Sarah, did you hit your sister?
Sarah - (sheepishly) no.
Me- What did you do to her?
Sarah - I didn't mean it
Me - Did you bite her!?!
Sarah - It was an accident.

Why can't they accidentally lay down and take a nap?


Amo said...

They will. Just takes the right kind of cold meds. Heh.

Ash said...

She wont give them nyquil! i dont understand. (there are reasons she wont let me babysit...hehe)

why did you have to bring up the cheese dip? my heart has not yet recovered from that trauma!