Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Batteries!!! And a stupid cat.

I don't remember needing batteries for everything when I was growing up. I had a light bright that you plugged into the wall. My dolls had eyes that opened and closed, but it was more of a riggie thing that had something to do with gravity. I had board games and blocks. I survived a child hood with few, very few toys that needed those portable energy bullets.

My children have not yet finished opening all of their Christmas presents. They got that much crap! We have not deboxed it all!
But what is worse than the fact that they got too much, is that Sarah didn't get a white kitty.
No, not a real white kitty, but that Ugly Fur Real Friends white kitty. I didn't get it because it is ugly. Really ugly. What do I know? Ever since then she will ask us if Santa will get it for her next year. She is good by the way at the guilt. She will just sigh out of no where. "(Sigh), Mommy, will you help me wish on that star?" Me sure!
Her - "star wight, star Brite, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight... I wish for that white kitty, not a real one, the fake one. I wuv it so much."
I smile at her. 10 seconds later she asks "Mommy, do you think that White kitty will be there when we get home?" I bang my head against the steering wheel. Why you ask? Because they were everywhere before Christmas! Now!!! NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! argh!

Today Maddie asks for her leapfrog computer thingie. It is a keyboard and mouse that you hook into the TV and play with. After wrestling with the box for 10 minutes, cutting tape and thick plastic doo hickeys and ripping a chunk of my index finger off it was free!!

Free, and in need of 8, yes count em 8 batteries. 4 AA and 4C. argh.
We have several rechargable AA's in the house. We learned a long time ago they need to be around and constantly juicing. Sarah got a VSmile pocket that cripples at least 4 batteries a day, a spongebob game that houses another 4. I have my camera needing 2, and then we have 15 remotes. We are lovers of the rechargables.
I need to get more AA's. A set for Maddie. I don't want her to have to share Sarahs.
We have some of the big batteries on the counter from Uncle Drew. He bought a bunch for the light brites he got them for Christmas, sweet huh?
So we pile into the car. I need to get some stuff to make sweedish meatballs anyway, and I am on a mission to get Sarah a Fur Real Friends White cat (if you see one, call me!).
We go to the store. We get the mandated cookies from the bakery lady, because entering WalMart or Target and not getting a cookie would provoke a meltdown that would have strangers giving them cookies to shut them up. I promise. You would fetch them cookies yourself.
So we get hamburger, sweedish meatball mix. We hunt for the still evasive cat (amazon has it for 80 bucks, but come on... that is insanity) and I get 4 AA batteries.
While we are out I figure I will check Target, just in case. No kitty. course not. Why would there be a kitty? I think about heading to ToysRUs, but they are saying they are hungry, it is 12, so I figure I will go home and make lunch.
After lunch I sit down to put the batteries in Maddies thing. I have the screwdriver. I get the 4 AA's in. I screw the lid in. I unscrew the shield for the main part that plugs into the tv and try to put the D batteries I had on the counter into the holes big enough for only C's.

Shoot me now.

I try to explain to Madison that Mommy is an Idiot. I try to stop her crying because she decided today that after 3 weeks of it being in a box she NEEDS it out NOW!!

I could have packed them back up and took them back to the store for more batteries. I could even have gone to ToysRus to buy them. But the yelling gave me a headache and instead I put them down for naps. I am going to join them. We will go on a Kitty/Battery scavenger hunt tomorrow.
C's Carrie... C's!

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