Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I cut her hair.

My oldest is 4 and almost a half. She has never had a hair cut. Basically she has beautiful hair, always has. When she was little she had the curliest hair ever and honestly I was afraid if I cut her hair the curls would leave and never come back. Scary thought. When she got old enough to care she decided she loves her long hair. She will look in the mirror and say it is beautiful, and it is.

But it is old and has split ends. I was brushing it yesterday and on a whim decided I was going to take it upon myself to cut it. I tell her it will look beautiful and healthy and she agrees, kinda.
I start cutting and realize the scissors are dull. Too late to turn back. I set some hair down on the table next to her and she says "um, mommy, that sure is a lot of hair..."
Yeah baby, it is okay tho. All in all I took off about 5 inches. Put it in a baggie because I have issues with separation okay?

To my glee (!!!) her hair is still curly! Yea! So cute. She is happy, it is still below her shoulders so she can't see the end when it is pushed back.

I did pretty good too, even with the dull scissors, it is straight.

But afterward I was kicking myself. She would have loved to go to a salon and get it done. I didn't think. I must start thinking.


Amo said...

Awww... Five inches is a lot! I can't wait to see it next trip!

J. Sterling Ellison said...

This is off the subject, but I happened to read your comments about the woman who we now know has a total of 14 kids! I can't believe that nonsense either. Single...broke...with this economy? Sheesh! Anyway...I'm enjoying the blog!

Carrie said...

Ah, I was slacking in blogging about it! Boarding all day, but I brought it over for those who missed it!