Thursday, January 8, 2009

He done ticked me off.

My children love Sams Club. Love. I mention the place and clothes suddenly find themselves on their bodies. Shoes magically appear and I don't have to ask them to turn out any lights. Sometimes I think about telling them we are going just to motivate them to get out the door, but they would catch on sooner or later.
Why do they love Sams?

Samples. OMG. They will eat anything that is in a little plastic cup with a toothpick. Itty bitty spoon? Even better. It amazes me how they will coax me into walking by a stand 2-3 times to get more and yet when I purchase this goodness they can't get enough of and put it on a regular plate with simple unexciting frogs or monkeys on it and hand them a fork they look at me like I have betrayed them and won't touch it.

I need to make a note to buy those cups, surely they sell them there right? Right.

After we check out everything in the entire warehouse we have to have Nathans hot dogs for lunch. Not that they have room after the super sampler frenzy, but we have to. They make me. I don't like those hot dogs on butter buns with mustard and onions and those neat pouches of sauerkraut. mmmm.
I digress.

This snack bar purchase accomplishes 2 things.
1. Lunch is done, easy.
2. I now at this point have 2 receipts.

Why, you ask, do I need 2 receipts??

I have 2 kids. For the longest time they had this super nice lady that checks your cart and checks off your receipt. This angel with a highlighter would draw smiley faces on them for my kids. They loved this, looked forward to it. Sometimes when she was not busy she would draw hair, long for Sarah, short for Maddie. Loved her. Miss her.

Now they have some old guy at this station who doesn't even smile at you. Why they have him doing this I will never know because he is not nice. We have to ask him everytime for a smiley face please. Please. My two beautiful daughters say please! He does not think they are cute apparently.
Yet, he has obliged us and given them smiley faces which have brought my babies great joy. It doesn't take much.

Today... on a day where the place is far from busy. When we walk up to him with neither no one behind us nor in front of us, he takes Sarahs receipt and draws a happy face with out being asked ( I think he is learning finally!) then he walks away. I turned to him and he whipped around and told me "They are just going to have to share".

-Moment of disbelief here-

I am not expecting much. It takes 4 seconds to put 2 dots and a curve on a receipt. My Maddie at this point starts to cry. I want to tell him he is a jerk , but just move out the door. My child is not a tantrum thrower and is not crying in a "I want that now!" kind of way, but more in a "why did he break my heart" kind of way, which only further prods momma bear.
My mother, recognizing the rage searches her purse for a pen and gives my baby a smiley face. She looks at it, smiles through her tears and says "Thank you for my happy face Mema."

Am I over-reacting? Yeah I know it is not his "job" to smiley face a receipt, but come on. I go there several times a month. I don't think it is too much to ask.


momyshaver said...

wow..what a tool that guy was being..

Rachael said...

OMG!! What a jerk!