Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm sick

Not in the OMG, your a freak kind of way. In the can't feel my head, throat hurts and can't escape the nausea kind of way. I went to bed feeling fine! I did have a dream that I kept blowing my nose. Stupid sinuses. Here I was getting ready to hit the gym for the second day in a row (almost a record thank you very much)! uh.
My girls seem to enjoy it when I am sick. I don't have the energy to tell them to stop doing anything so they have free reign of the house. All I can do is watch them from the couch as they tear the house apart and harass each other. Maddie is currently in the Lincoln logs container. She popped the bottom out so she can walk around with it around her for some reason. I am thinking it would be cute if she had shoulder straps and she could just wear a barrel, remember that? I don't remember where I remember that from, cartoon? I donno. whatever.
Girls are cool cause they don't destroy, they "decorate". They have every blanket they own out and over the carpet. I have a patch work floor. ha. But there are toys everywhere, mainly the Lincoln logs that no longer have a home... Must send hubby to store for plastic storage container. yea. I will forget that in 3 minutes.
Madison, who should be on her 4th cup of apple juice (relax, before you start on the juice causes obesity kick, I water it down, so she is really only on 2 cups of juice, and 2 cups of water. it cancels it out. And besides, the kids not fat, has my butt, but not fat. shut up I will give her juice all day if I want to) but after the first cup and her asking 40 times and me not moving she found a half empty bottle of Cherry coke and is sucking that down (yeah, 4 glasses of juice doesn't sound that bad NOW does it?).
Sarah has decided she needs hot dogs for lunch.
Anyone know a place that will deliver hot dogs??
But my darling Sarah did bring me my Slanket. She is such a good kid, always wanting to help and mother people. She is old enough to learn how to cook her own lunch right?

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Rachael said...

Girl, I had my kids making their own PB and J's at that age. Get it out and clean the mess up later, entertains them for at least 10 minutes!!